2017-Jan-29, Sunday

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2017-Jan-29, Sunday 17:22
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Hypothesis: Gaston isn't actually that well liked in Belle's little village; Belle's a lot more popular, however odd. Some of the young women adore Gaston's pretty face, and of course LeFou has eyes for no one but Gaston (in a patently No Homo way, because anything else would get in the way of Gaston's oh-so-fragile toxic masculinity), but the rest of the village puts up with him because he owns the pub.

The "Thank you all for coming to my wedding, but first I should go propose to the girl" scene? An excuse to laugh at him, because they all know how Belle's likely to react, and how Gaston's likely to react to that!

You'll notice how in the first town scene, Gaston proclaims his desire to marry Belle and half the town gets between him and her.

And yes, there's Gaston's eponymous song, but, you know, it's in the pub. Everybody singing is a little sauced!

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2017-Jan-29, Sunday 20:42
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dear brain, have SO been productive today. HAVE SO.


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let me hear your voice tonight

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