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2015-Oct-06, Tuesday 20:29
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Nothing quite like taking a test and submitting it and having it autograded and getting a 25 out of 70. I knew I was going to lose some points because I put things like "too much background noise" in the answer space for "write this word that this audio is the teacher spelling the word" (there really was, she must have been recording these in a cafe or bar), but seriously?

Then I realized it couldn't autograde some of the questions. There are 27 points unaccounted for because die Kursleiterin hasn't been at them yet.

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2015-Oct-05, Monday 13:11
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I need to learn the keyboard shortcuts for all the umlaut vowels and also the ß. I keep copy-pasting from Wiki or going to DW Create Entry and putting in the HTML and previewing and copying that to paste.

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2015-Oct-01, Thursday 11:28
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* Dammit I want pizza. Okay, mostly I want food that will magically appear and feed me for the next couple days, but. Delivery pizza is spendy and without a bread machine (or ingredients) I can't make homemade and if I want to cook that bad I have ingredients for the tuna pomodoro and the Greek baked ziti that I really did mean to cook on Sunday.

* Where's the maintenance person? I realize I told the property manager maintenance should do their thing before I leave for work just before two, and I realize the property manager said they'd have maintenance by today before four-thirty, but I am impatient. (The shower mostly doesn't get hot and does fluctuate in temperature. It's not a hot water problem, because the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the bathtub all produce hot water on command.)

* I am procrastinating classwork by doing the income/expenses summary in GnuCash for the past...um, I haven't done it since April. It's supposed to be a monthly task.

* HOUSE RULE: Buy only books that one (1) needs for class or (2) is absolutely certain to read That Very Day.
* HOUSE RULE: For every book bought that is not for class, read at least one from the public library, at least two from the personal library, and the book bought.

* The hard thing I did? Positive response. I need to an introduction to the me as an artist now. Ack.

* Dear Zen Pagan on Patheos: stop digging.

* #Peeple fucking scares me—the app, not the hashtag. (My Twitter feed asploded. Mostly [twitter.com profile] AnaMardoll having an entirely justified shitfit and retweeting other people doing same.) And I'm (probably) not one of the people who'd be in physical or emotional danger by someone making me a profile on the damn thing.

* Hallo! Ich bin Alex. Ich komme aus Delaware. Ich spreche auf Englisch, ich höre "Slowly, clearly, enunciate, say it again." Ich spreche auf Deutsch, ich höre "Ich verstehe nicht. Langsamer, bitte. Noch einmal, bitte." Es tut mir Leid.

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2015-Sep-27, Sunday 16:05
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okay seriously

it is September

how is it that all three Oktoberfests I know of in this state happened either last weekend or yesterday
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Wie sagt man "This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes" auf Deutsch?

(Skype is required software for the course, you see. It's funny in my head... And no, I don't actually need this information for any particular purpose. I just think I'm a comedian.)

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2015-Sep-24, Thursday 16:21
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No, brain. Stop grabbing "┬┐Como se dice ___?" as the go-to for missing vocab.

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2015-Sep-24, Thursday 09:47
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Okay seriously though let me quote the paragraph from my German syllabus about "outreach activity" which is five percent of my final grade:
Each student is required to apply her or his knowledge outside of the classroom. Some potential activities would be participation in a local German Club (Stammtisch, Kaffeestunde), attending lectures, films, or concerts related to German language, meeting with a tutor, volunteering for after-school German lessons at an elementary or middle school, and many other possibilities. (Hint: there happen to be many German films on Netflix!) You will need at least four (4) hours of an activity or a combination of activities. At the end of the term (due the end of week 10), you will submit an overview and description of your activities in English via Canvas assignments.
So. Given that: there appears to be no local German club (excluding high school stuff and excluding the Dover German American Club, which hasn't updated its website since 2013 or its Facebook since April and which appears to meet or have met weekday evenings); there's probably no local German-language activities; my work schedule probably prohibits volunteering with the local high school's German club; and I am not getting Netflix:

What do?

I mean, I suppose I could acquire German-language films on DVD...

Actually, you know what I'm going to do, I'm going to Facebook the Dover German American Club and see if anyone answers. Oh! They have two Facebook pages, and the second one was just updated the other day! But they definitely do meet weekday evenings. Once a month, too. :(


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