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2017-Apr-13, Thursday 17:58
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I have writing questions for any Muslims or ex-Muslims reading this who are willing to answer, here or in PM. My concern is that I-as-author am-or-seem Islamophobic, and I want to avoid that. (Characters' Islamophobia is a different story.) I'm hoping to avoid redoing this protagonist's whole character to have no Muslim background, but I'm early enough in the drafting that I could do that if that's the best solution. Many thanks in advance.

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ETA: a fifth question in hopes of avoiding the pit I seem to have fallen in with the first four!

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2017-Apr-10, Monday 01:13
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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Stretch goal: 25K. Daily goal: 834. Words accomplished Apr 9: 4672. Total words accomplished (not counting a chunk of Apr 10): 16332.

I am rocking NaNoWriMo pace, y'all. Even with [seriously complicating factor pertinent to a fic exchange that is weeks away from fic deadline, never mind author reveals] in play!

And I have finally got chapter two into the right point of view, and figured out enough of the early plot to get some forward motion on writing the offending chapter. I do need to reread at least one Emelan book (the first one by preference, but you know if this turns into an eleven-book marathon I'm okay with that) in order to refresh my memory on details that Shula is about to expound upon at length, though.

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2017-Apr-09, Sunday 14:06
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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Stretch goal: 25K. Daily goal: 334 834. Words accomplished Apr 8: 3858. Total words accomplished (which counts a bunch of Apr 9, btw): 13257.

I am pleased.

Even if I probably do have to scrap all of chapter two so far and start it fresh. I might be in the wrong PoV, you see...
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ETA: By royal decree, Akane and Tahira are students at Bryn Mawr. They met at orientation, and they, and maybe up to three other college freshman women, are already getting excited about creating a video game. :-D

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Feel free to expand on any point in the comments.

(Akane and Tahira are the college-freshman older sisters of high-school-junior protags Kasumi and Shula, respectively. Other than that, the plot role Akane and Tahira share, and how they're both fairly outgoing young women with a pretty diverse bunch of female friends whose ages basically bell curve around Akane and Tahira's age, I know very little about either of them. Which is why the radio button question contradicts itself! I think Akane and Tahira are both abled hetallocis women, but I'm not going to make any guarantees on this point.)

(The other protags, Tara and Estrella, are both oldest children. And, like, I suppose I could collapse Akane and Tahira into a single character? In fact that kind of makes sense, in that then Shula could be the only only child of the four? But at this point in drafting, I like what I've got outlined, and having Tahira take point on the plot role and Akane back her up makes sense.)

(...craaaaap I made my protags high school juniors THAT MEANS THEY'RE WORRIED ABOUT COLLEGE ADMISSIONS. or at least some of the four are.)

ETA: I made a point of saying "non-Delaware" because the novel's action is (afaik at this point) entirely in Delaware, and I do not want Akane or Tahira present for the bulk of it. I suppose that doesn't rule out community college, but it does rule out the community colleges that make sense for anyone getting in-state tuition at a Delaware community college. (All one Delaware community colleges. Four campuses, but one school. Also rules out Wesley, Goldey-Beacom, Widener (Wilmington campus), Wilmington U, DelState, and UDel. And Delaware College of Art and Design...which now, I'm thinking bc all four of my protags are Artistic, would be a good place for any or all of them to apply.)

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2017-Apr-06, Thursday 03:06
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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Daily goal: 334. Words accomplished Apr 5 (even though a bunch of them were actually Apr 6, seeing as it's three am): 4084. Total words accomplished: 6019.

...okay then.

But I am definitely done the first chapter now. I redrafted it anyway, including all the bullet points on my "edit this in in May" list and taking out a bit that didn't make enough sense in the original, and it doubled in size.

ETA: Still haven't got to bed (we'll elide the bit where I've been in it for the past...ten hours?), though I did get as far as sleepwear on. Added 1276 words of outliney babble, for a total of 7295.

ETA2: 129 words here and 183 words there, not counting the poll itself, of babble. So up to 7607 words. It's quarter of seven in the morning; my first alarm yesterday was set for seven on the dot...

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2017-Apr-03, Monday 20:19
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Tell me not to edit the fuck out of chapter one of my Camp NaNo before proceeding to write chapter two. Yes, I got nearly 2K words written yesterday, which, since my April goal is 10K, puts me days ahead. I don't care; I need to write chapter two. But I also need to edit a bunch of things into chapter one that were in the draft in my head but aren't in the draft in Scrivener!

(I haven't written any words today and, since I have to leave in five to be back at work in ten and then I get off at midnight, by the calendar I almost certainly will not end up writing any words today.)

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2017-Apr-02, Sunday 21:16
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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Daily goal: 334. Words accomplished Apr 2: 1729. Total words accomplished: 1935.

I think I am done the first chapter.
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So how do I figure out what Pokémon would have been catchable by Pokémon Go players in a particular locale in August 2016?

I know they'd all be Red-Blue-Yellow generation. I'd bet (given the locale I'm thinking of) on a predominance of Water types, with some Grass and Ground mixed in. I'd also bet that the Pokémon in the area then are the same that are in the area now, if one deducts the Gold-Silver-Crystal Pokémon from today's availability. But that is the full extent of my knowledge and my reasonably-supported extrapolations thereof.

ETA: pinned down the time frame a little more precisely (it's the weekend between "school starts" and "September starts") and declared that this pond has Poliwag, so I can move on with the story.

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2017-Apr-02, Sunday 01:48
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Camp NaNo overall goal: 10K. Daily goal: 334. Words accomplished Apr 1 (bc I have not bed yet therefore it is still Apr 1): 206. Total words accomplished: 206.

(I'm not bothering to use the official word tracker.)

POLL: writing about a trans girl, from the point of view of someone who only knows her as an assumed-cis boy. (a misperception to be corrected in a speedy fashion, bc I want to flashy neon signs SHE'S TRANS, but meanwhile.)

what's the most sensible from a reader's perspective here? identify the girl by full first deadname (for example, "Michael") or by first deadinitial and an em-dash or two (like "M—" or "M——")?

bc I bet the em-dashes would confuse readers, and thus it makes sense to use the deadname, but it also makes sense (from a "respecting gender identity preempts many other considerations" pov) to just decline to present the deadname altogether.

and, like, I could switch from the one cis girl's pov to the trans girl's pov, and that solves that, bc I could dodge the issue of the trans girl's deadname and pronouns until after all four pov characters knew her real name and actual pronouns? but that wouldn't dodge the pronouns issue for the genderqueer individual, and the deadname issue would probably rise again anyway...

I am probably too sleeps for this. Fuck it.

ETA: after consultation with a writer friend who is a trans woman, I'm going the "Michael" route. Though I may, when actually in this character's PoV, go "M——" anyway, to illustrate how she reacts to being deadnamed.


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